Preet Singh’s Priorities

Audit of 160 plus council services,
to ensure residents get value for
the rates they pay
Better traffic management around
school zones
Affordable parking solutions for
Truck and Heavy vehicle operators
(away from residential zones but in
close vicinity of suburbs)
New parks and open spaces. Also
upgrading the existing parks to
be family friendly & with better
Encouraging small businesses
operating from home, making
approval process easier and user
friendly (with minimal cost)
Promoting entrepreneurship and
encouraging people to become job
Community inclusion and sound
youth support programs
Improved Animal Management
with low cost but effective
Reducing Tip cost and offsetting
unused hard waste/tip vouchers
with rates
Additional bins for bigger families
(without an additional cost)
Setting up additional bins in parks
and open spaces during long
weekends/public holidays to avoid
Better measures to prevent illegal
dumping and concrete plans to
monitor it
Improved street lighting and CCTV
in public spaces where the dark
spots are
Fast tracking critical infrastructure
Better internet and mobile
Meaningful assistance measures
to support residents and
businesses impacted by Covid-19
Rates revaluation due to Covid-19
impact on Real estate
More public toilets across
Wyndham, in particular near parks
and open spaces
Environmental conservation
No to toxic dump

Council Services and its Audit

Council runs approximately 160 plus services and plays a very important part in our local society. If given an opportunity, I would like a proper audit of all Council programs to determine their impact and usefulness.

If any programs are not meeting their objectives, then they need to be amended or re-designed to better suit community needs. There needs to be more accountability in what Council does for its residents.

The majority of the issues faced by residents are common issues and what you need is a strong voice who advocates for you in the Council.

If the council and the councillors genuinely listen to pubic, I don’t see the need for the multitude of 11th hour petitions we see just before the council elections period.

There has been quite a bit of discussion how this pandemic has affected majority of residents in Wyndham. Safety and precaution is extremely important during this time.

We all need to adapt to these changing circumstances and there is a strong possibility that this is (sadly) going to be our new way of life for the foreseeable future.

My View On Rate Discount

There has been some coverage about giving residents a rates discount – some asked for $100 and others 10%. Some quoted Wyndham should follow suit of other Councils who offered discounts.

The important factor are:

–  How the council can better support the rate payers doing these tough times

–  What assistance council can provide to Small Business to safeguard jobs and livelihoods of many
–  What is council’s vision going forward so the city can sustain and overcome this challenge

COVID-19 Assistance Package

Council has announced a $5m grant to assist rate payers and Small Businesses. This is over and above the grants announced by State and Federal governments.

I’m personally not satisfied that this assistance is enough!

We need a clear road map to assist the most vulnerable, who have been adversely impacted. We need to ask, how Council and community groups can assist them to ensure they have food on their table for themselves and their families.

The many programs Council runs and the capital expenditure needs to be revised, taking into account the interests of the residents and what needs to be done immediately to help our community.

This may include pushing out some of the programs that aren’t as critical as others.

Local Employement

Council also needs to actively participate and encourage growing employment. This shouldn’t be restricted to opening new shops or factories.

There is no shortage of talent in Wyndham and entrepreneurs needs to be better supported to become job providers and not job seekers.

This is achievable with wider community consultation and involvement of experts. Covid-19 has taught us that there are ways to workaround and be productive working from home.

Many services can be provided without opening a physical shop/office. This presents many opportunities and challenges the Council will need to consider and act on.

More jobs would also assist in reducing crime, as people who work are less likely to vandalise property or get involved in criminal activity as they have hope for themselves which translates into positive outcomes for our community.

One Wyndham

We also need a council which is more inclusive and there is more community to community interaction – obviously via digital platforms considering current situation.

I am all for fixing the root cause of the issues and no bandage fixes.

I would advocate for increasing the quality of life, investing in future and creating job opportunities.

I am one of you and will work for you as a councillor should I be elected!

The Chaffey Ward

The Chaffey Ward is home to over 56,000 people covering the suburbs of Tarneit, Mount Cottrell, part of Hoppers Crossing and part of Werribee. It is the ward expected to have the highest growth and as such Preet Singh has the drive, knowledge and energy to deliver for this community


A ballot pack will be sent to you by mail. To make sure Preet Singh becomes your Councillor, place a 1 in the box next to his name and number the rest of the boxes upto the number of candidates standing. Fill in all of the required forms, sign where required and put it in the post so it is recieved by 6 pm on Friday 23 October 2020.