About Preet

I’m passionate about raising the issues of our community and working towards finding solutions.

Being a member of the Liberal Party of Australia and current Chairman of Tarneit SEC, I am actively involved in seeking positive outcomes using the values I hold as a Liberal.

By running for Council I seek to serve my local community and to be your voice – so we all get a fair share and value for the Council Rates they pay.

I am putting myself forward to serve our community because I know I have the skills, drive and knowledge needed to get the job done.

I hold a masters degree in Accounting from Central Queensland University, Diploma in Financial services and certificate IV in customer service.

I work as a Team Manager for a major bank which means I know how to lead and importantly how to listen.

My wife and I also run a small business.

As a local I face the same challenges as you.

My wife and I have chosen this community as the place we wish to raise our two daughters (8 years and 3 years old).

I see such potential for our neighbourhood and want to ensure the best opportunities for all who call Wyndham home.

Voluntary work

In the community I have supported the efforts of the Sikh Temple I attend, in their efforts to support communities dealing with the recent bushfires and during the COVID19 pandemic. I have volunteered (assisted/raised funds) for organisations such as Berry street, Sikh Volunteers, Foodbank, World Vision and Red Cross. Most recently we raised almost $25k for a local Tarneit family who was in need.


Preet Singh



 PO Box 8220 Tarneit VIC 3029