About Preet

I have been a resident of Wyndham for over 10 years and have seen the community grow over these years. Like so many others, my wife and I chose this community to raise our family due to the proximity to Melbourne, a great suburban lifestyle and access to educational opportunities for our children.

I am a Team Leader with a major bank and also manage a small business. I am standing for council elections because I believe I have the skills and passion needed to do the job of councillor justice, by representing my ward to the very best of my ability. I am the Local Chairman of the Liberal Party’s Tarneit Electorate Conference and while my political values will give voters some indication of the priorities I bring to the councillor role, I can assure you of my tenacity in representing my ward’s needs.

An issue of concern is developers in the new estates promise who promise the world and deliver very little. Most recently I have worked with the residents of Rothwell estate to highlight the unfulfilled promises and lack of basic facilities. Unfinished footpaths, parks resembling jungles and missing infrastructure across the estate to name a few of the issues many in new estates can understand. These matters need to be addressed and facilities should be kept to a timeline before new development stages are released. We need council to play a more active role.

I would like to contribute to influence a culture within the council where expectations of residents are met with action on the ground.

Voluntary work

In the community I have supported the efforts of the Sikh Temple I attend, in their efforts to support communities dealing with the recent bushfires and during the COVID19 pandemic. I have volunteered (assisted/raised funds) for organisations such as Berry street, Sikh Volunteers, Foodbank, World Vision and Red Cross. Most recently we raised almost $25k for a local Tarneit family who was in need.


Preet Singh



 PO Box 8220 Tarneit VIC 3029